Financial Aid for the Future

PowerFAIDS™ Cloud

Built for financial aid professionals by financial aid professionals, PowerFAIDS has over 40 years of experience supporting hundreds of financial aid offices. We're taking it all to new heights in the cloud.

The Next Generation of PowerFAIDS

PowerFAIDS Cloud is more than just a technology transformation—it expands on the legacy of PowerFAIDS Desktop by combining foundational functionality that keeps offices compliant with many new or enhanced features designed to maximize efficiency and student engagement.

Responsive Solutions for Higher Ed

In today’s competitive environment, systems must meet the needs of a diverse student population and the institutions that serve them. PowerFAIDS Cloud supports traditional and non-traditional programs. From standard academic year to borrower-based academic year, PowerFAIDS delivers.

Drive Student Engagement

PowerFAIDS is designed with the student in mind and allows you to see a student's whole path at once. Serve your students efficiently with state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class functionality such as multichannel tools, a mobile-first student portal, and paperless document upload.

End User Flexibility and Customization

PowerFAIDS puts the power of processing and data in the hands of the end user. Build an unlimited number of custom data fields, create custom processing templates, and design reporting that works for the aid professional without the help of IT staff. The system is built for all types of users from novice through power users. With PowerFAIDS Cloud, experience the benefits and flexibility of supercharged reporting and more intuitive search features.


Seamless Integration

Wondering about integration? We’ve got you covered with file and API based options that can be used with virtually any system. Plus we have standard integrations designed in partnership with some of the most popular systems such as Jenzabar One and Slate. And PowerFAIDS Cloud is being built with flexible data access to support integration and reporting, including APIs to support real time integration, CSV import for large data loads, a user friendly in-app report writing tool, and a scheduler tool to automate CSV import and in-app reporting.

Technology Integration

Optimized Technology Experience

The support of IT is critical to the success of the aid office and systems across the campus. Our Cloud architecture means no need for on-premises hardware. Maintenance and updates are performed automatically. Best of all, IT staff can rest assured with the security of our infrastructure and software thanks to Amazon Web Services.


Our Unique Community

PowerFAIDS Cloud is the front runner financial aid system because our user community inspires our product innovations. Our team of experts, advisors, and users are here to support the financial aid office. While training and support offered elsewhere can cost thousands of dollars, PowerFAIDS offers free unlimited, highly rated customer support, training, webinars, user conferences, and online discussion boards. Help within the application is conveniently one click away, with user guide information visible directly in the application.

Let's Soar

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