About PowerFAIDS

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PowerFAIDS is easy-to-use software that automates every task in your financial aid process. Even with the growing demand for financial aid, nothing’s too much or too complicated. PowerFAIDS is intuitive, affordable, effective, and efficient.

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Here are five reasons to choose PowerFAIDS:

  • It keeps you in compliance and generates your federal reports to meet the latest requirements.
  • It works with your existing campus information systems and integrates with federal systems and major industry reports.
  • It has built-in checks and balances to reduce human error.
  • You can customize it to suit your needs.
  • You’ll have unlimited access to comprehensive training and expert support.

And PowerFAIDS is flexible enough to meet the needs of any financial aid office—large or small, public or private. Almost 700 institutions trust PowerFAIDS to manage their financial aid processes, including:

  • 130+ community colleges and two-year institutions
  • 100+ institutions using CSS Profile and Institutional Methodology
  • 50+ one-person financial aid offices
  • 25+ public four-year institutions
  • 50+ professional schools
  • 40+ institutions primarily operating nontraditional programs


PowerFAIDS provides more built-in compliance from its initial setup than any other financial aid management system on the market today.

Michael T. Albano, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid, Wesleyan University