What Users Are Saying

Take it from our users: Over 600 institutions use PowerFAIDS, and almost half of them have been with us 20 years or more.

Built By and For Financial Aid

The PowerFAIDS team has over 400 years of combined experience in financial aid and higher education. We've done the work, which is why our system features are so highly rated by institutions.

Ease of Use

PowerFAIDS users list ease of use, with zero or limited help needed from central IT, as one of the leading benefits of our system.


Offices trust PowerFAIDS to keep them in compliance, with built in alerts and features that reduce user error.


When your institution needs help, our team is there to quickly and efficiently resolve any questions that crop up.

The reporting is robust and doesn't require requests to central IT. Most of the work can be done by people that really understand the reasons behind why we are making certain changes, whether that be federal regulatory changes or changes that the university is requiring.

Director of Enrollment Operations, Private Research University

PowerFAIDS keeps schools in compliance. PowerFAIDS does its best to make sure financial aid professionals follow rules and regulations.

Director of Administrative Computing, Public Community College

Trusted Outcomes

PowerFAIDS is flexible enough to meet the needs of any financial aid office—large or small, public or private. Over 600 institutions trust PowerFAIDS to manage their financial aid processes, including:

  • Community colleges and two-year institutions
  • Institutions using CSS Profile and Institutional Methodology
  • One-person financial aid offices
  • Public four-year institutions
  • Professional schools
  • Institutions primarily operating nontraditional programs

There has not been a situation that we have run across that PowerFAIDS was not able to handle.

Associate Director Student Financial Services and Principal Systems Engineer, Private Selective Institution

It's a compliant system since it is created and maintained by dedicated financial aid experts.

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid, Public Research Institution

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