What PowerFAIDS Helps You Do

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PowerFAIDS lightens your workload so you can focus on the personal side of financial aid. It manages all your grant and loan data processing automatically and gives you the freedom to work with students one on one.

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Read on to learn what you can do when you harness the power of PowerFAIDS.

Stay on top of student information and communication 

  • Maintain student records. You choose how to consolidate the information, via CSV file or APIs.
  • Track applications and communications. You can generate emails and letters to students and parents directly from the system, which logs all communications.
  • Calculate student budgets. It’s easy to create expense budgets globally and make adjustments to individual budgets.

Work with data and reports

  • Generate and receive federal data. You can load, process, and adjust data in Institutional Student Information Records and view National Student Loan Data System data.
  • Perform need analysis. PowerFAIDS draws from the Institutional Need Analysis System to perform calculations using Federal Methodology and the College Board’s Institutional Methodology.
  • Create DIY custom reports. Use one of PowerFAIDS premade reports or easily make your own—without help from IT. You’ll also get support for major reports such as the Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP), IPEDS, and the Common Data Set survey.

Manage and disburse funds

  • Manage funds. PowerFAIDS gives you the power to create and track an unlimited number of financial aid funds.
  • Package student aid awards, individually or in batches. You can simulate outcomes and adjust parameters as needed.
  • Process federal funds and loans. PowerFAIDS automates the entire lifecycle of Pell and TEACH Grants, including Return to Title IV processing. It also covers every aspect of the federal loan lifecycle.
  • Disburse funds. With PowerFAIDS, you can:
    • Set up your disbursement process based on enrollment and in response to policy changes.
    • Let students know how much aid they can expect before they get it so they can plan ahead.
    • Schedule automatic disbursement authorization and run federal eligibility checks.
  • Make automation work for you. PowerFAIDS lets you create and transmit Federal Direct and alternative loan applications via XML and CommonLine, and integrates with the federal Common Origination and Disbursement system for Direct Loan, Pell, and TEACH grants.