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Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

PowerFAIDS automates financial aid processes to make your job easier.

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About PowerFAIDS

Learn how PowerFAIDS simplifies financial aid.

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What Users Are Saying

Hear from the biggest advocates for PowerFAIDS: the users.

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Holistic Solutions

Read about how PowerFAIDS completes other campus systems.

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Training and Support

Become a PowerFAIDS power user with in-person and online training opportunities.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions that matter to you.

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A high-level rundown of how PowerFAIDS automates and simplifies your financial aid process.

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A firsthand account of how one financial aid office was able to better serve its students with PowerFAIDS.

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An overview of how PowerFAIDS works with CSS Profile, IDOC, and the Net Price Calculator to help you easily, accurately, and efficiently deliver aid to your students.

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